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Do you want a dog that is well behaved in all situations so that you can all have a full and happy life?

We are Scott and Sharon Birrell, and we are proud to bring Bark Busters Home Dog Training to the Lower North Shore.

You are undoubtedly reading this for a reason. Maybe you have a new puppy or a newly adopted dog and want to get off to a good start? Or there may be some behaviors that concern, frustrate, embarrass or worry you with your existing dog? Whatever the circumstance or issue, rest assured we can help!

Your dog or puppy starts to learn things as soon as you bring them home. The sooner you take control of their education, the sooner they will understand how and where to fit into your family. It's never too soon, or too late, to get started.

No matter what the issue - toilet training, teaching the basics (sit, stay, coming when called, walking on leash, etc), or you need help with modifying behavioural issues including nuisance barking, aggression or separation anxiety, the proven Bark Busters methods will assist you to achieve the results you are seeking.

Not only do you have access to our individual expertise, but the collective team at Bark Busters who have over 25 years experience and have seen just about every bad behavior a dog can come up with (we have successfully trained over 1 million dogs worldwide).

Dogs speak "dog". No matter how old or what breed, they all speak the same language. And no matter how young, old or what breed, an undesirable behaviour can be changed.

Our private lessons take place right in your home and are customised to your dog and your surroundings, and at other locations appropriate to the issues. We will teach you the Bark Busters natural training methods and how to communicate with your dog in a language they understand - using voice tones and body language - and without treats or ever using harsh punishment. All our methods have been proven to work.

We will teach you how to gain control of your dog through effective leadership. It's simple, its fun and, most importantly, it works. It will take a couple of hours, not months, to see an improvement in your dog's behavior. You will see positive changes during our first lesson.

With Bark Busters written "Lifetime Support Guarantee" we will be your support partners for the rest of your dog's life. This gives you the opportunity to call us back anytime - if a new problem arises or you just need a refresher – all covered by the initial upfront membership fee.

Let us share our passion with you. Take the next step and either give us a call or send us an email. We will be happy to discuss our programs, answer your questions and learn about you and your dog. Contact us today and prepare to end your concerns, frustrations or worries regarding your dog's behavior.

Together we can make a happy dog, and as well all know, a happy dog = a happy family.


Rate your dog

QuizTry our dog behaviour quiz and see how your dog rates! Is your dog an angel or a rebel? Click here to complete a quick quiz. The results will be e-mailed to you.


Lifetime support guarantee

guarantee-smallThe Bark Busters worldwide dog behaviour training support guarantee is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog behaviour issues and dog obedience issues and to provide our customers with ongoing peace of mind.

We had used another dog trainer before and found they had too many rules and techniques that we needed to do. With Bark Busters we found the techniques to be simple and easy to follow. We also have peace of mind knowing if anything goes wrong we can call Scott to come help with the life time guarantee.
Sonya L, Wood Park
After experiencing positive results within 2-3 hours of intensive, commonsense strategies I was able to gain peace of mind in that I would certainly attain effective results. Sharon's written instructions will be followed consistently as my companion is a special part of my life. Thank you Sharon!
Ruth W

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