Tracey I. | Casula, New South Wales

1st July 2019 Bark busters rating

Our family was really struggling with our disobedient puppy. We were lost!

Even after our first phone conversation, I knew Sharon was going to save us!

We learnt so much after our first meeting and putting the education into practice proved my initial thoughts.

The more we put our strategies into practice, the more Jazzi understood us and she seemed more confident within herself. I think she felt a stronger sense of belonging within our home and family.

We will be forever grateful for the quality service Bark Busters (and especially Sharon) has provided us. The ongoing support and follow up is also something bark busters should be proud of.

A truly wonderful program with sensational outcomes!

Jazzi is doing so well now and I know I can always call on Sharon if we need further support!

Tamim M. | Lane Cove, New South Wales

22nd June 2019 Bark busters rating

Sharon was awesome; she helped us with Archie’s attention barking, puppy biting and toilet training.

The barking was becoming a problem with our neighbours and with Sharon’s assistance Archie has nearly stopped all attention barking. The toilet training is nearly 100% and the puppy biting has lessened with age.

Sharon is very friendly, flexible (saw us after work hours), always responds to calls/messages and checks up on us.

100% recommend Sharon

BOB G. | SYDNEY, New South Wales

6th August 2018 Bark busters rating



David B. | Chipping Norton, New South Wales

11th November 2017 Bark busters rating

Methods are easy to adopt and consistent in training the dog.



27th August 2017 Bark busters rating

Both Sharon and Scott went above and beyond from first contact. They are exceptionally generous with their time and knowledge, passionate about their work and excellent teachers.

My six-month puppy was a totally different dog in Scott's care from the get-go. Some of his problem behaviours were causing us stress and conflict within the home and we were all tired and grumpy from trying to get him to behave.

Scott taught us how to communicate with Bodhi in such a way that he now listens and respects us, our lifestyle and belongings. We are now able to fully enjoy our puppy and our life again!

Money well spent, I would recommend Scott to anybody because he is brilliant at what he does. Thank you!

Karen S. | Greenwich, New South Wales

19th July 2017 Bark busters rating

Training was very useful and helpful. Sharon had many great ideas and was patient and giving at all times. I felt she went over and above expectations.


Robyn C. | Picnic Point, New South Wales

31st May 2017 Bark busters rating

Sharon has been fabulous with Loki. When we first contacted her at Bark Busters we were at our wits end, with a hyperactive 6 month old puppy that was biting, chewing, barking, pulling on lead and digging. After just one session, the biting stopped (completely!!) and the other problematic behaviours lessened. Over a series of additional sessions, Sharon has guided Loki and us so that we now have a wonderful and fabulous pup!! In addition to providing training that works, things that we loved about Sharon's support were that she was happy to visit outside business hours (we all go to work/school), and she listened to what we needed and matched the training to those needs.

Deborah C. | Hammondville, New South Wales

29th November 2016 Bark busters rating

Training provided by Bark Busters (Sharon) has been excellent. Sharon's knowledge & expertise has provided us as a family the skills to promote good behavior in our adopted Greyhound, Cyrstal. The whole family always looked forward to Sharon's visit as we always learnt something new - the small things made the biggest difference and Crystal always responded positively to all the training techniques.


Caren S. | Mosman, New South Wales

26th October 2016 Bark busters rating

First, Sharon was nothing short of a miracle to us!!! We have a Moodle, who is sweet as they come! Whenever we left her home alone, however, she barked incessantly! Much to our neighbors concern & ours, we were at our wits end! Everything changed when we met Sharon, though! She taught us & Charlotte great tips! It is incredible that we can leave her alone now & she's as quiet as a mouse!!!

SALLY J. | MOSMAN, New South Wales

23rd August 2016 Bark busters rating

They were great - always there when I needed to talk to someone and came out to house to help out immediately with our Labrador. Made a big difference to coping with our puppy in the first few months.

For first time puppy owners we wish we had called them straight away to come out instead of going to a puppy school.

Vanessa G. | Regents Park, New South Wales

19th August 2016 Bark busters rating

This is my second time with BB and I am pleased to say that both times I have been extremely happy with the training and on-going support from Scott and Sharon.

First a few years ago with Lottie when she was a puppy we signed her up to the lifetime package. Scott was our trainer at that time and he was fantastic. Very patient with me as a 'new mum' and gave us some wonderful insights on Lottie's personality. At the time we were having trouble with her jumping up on people (as tiny as she was), but Scott very quickly addressed that and helped us to control the 'puppy' behaviours so they didn't turn into lifetime bad habits.

Last year I adopted a second dog, Esther - a senior rescue and after some settling in time it was clear I needed help again, as we had some sibling rivalry issues. The new dog Esther was also a bit of a nuisance barker and Lottie had become a resource / food guarder. It was utter chaos - I knew I had created the problem by enabling the behaviour, but I just didn't know how to fix it.

So I've signed Esther up as well, and Sharon came in to help and has literally saved the day. She has been an amazing help with all the issues - initially I had thought I would only be able to work on the most pressing issues and just deal with the smaller problems. After a couple of sessions with Sharon though, she's highlighted how the smaller issues are just as critical to address as they can escalate over time - and my own confidence had grown as well to the point where I felt I could tackle all of the issues, not just some.

The sibling rivalry with the two dogs was the most upsetting issue for me, and with Sharon's guidance and support we've been able to eliminate this in only a few short weeks. The nuisance barking which I initially thought I would just have to put up with, was another 'easy' fix with the right guidance.

Lottie's resource / food guarding issues have taken longer to overcome as the behaviour was fairly well ingrained over some time, but there have already been some vast improvements - it will require on-going training and re-enforcement and we are still working on this, but now that I've been equipped with the right training tools I feel so much more in control of the situation.

The overall training has also had a big impact on Esther's confidence which has in turn improved her behaviour - despite the barking, she was also quite timid and sometimes reacted negatively to correction (tail between the legs, shaking). As the training has helped me establish my leadership role in the house, I now see a much more relaxed, happy and confident dog in Esther. It's just heartwarming see such a positive change in her as a senior rescue.

The whole household has become much more relaxed and it's just a happy place to be now, with no tension or rivalry. I can't express enough how thrilled I am with the training. :)


Margaret C. | auburn, New South Wales

19th August 2016 Bark busters rating

Sharon has been unreal in helping with our 2 dogs.

Polly (Staffy) was very anxious and highly strung.

Maya (Ridgeback/Kelpie) was just to hypo and in the staffies space all the time.

It came to a head 2 times and there was 2 very large fights, both dogs were badly injured.

Poor Maya had to be taken away from home for 5 wks while Sharon taught me how to take charge and keep both dogs under control. Maya would come home for training and then leave again (heartbreaking).

So after 6 wks of training Miss Maya is now back home permanently and so far everything is going well.

Sharon has been keeping in touch on a regular basis, and is always ready to help with more training sessions when required, training is still on going I'm sure there is plenty more for me to learn.

My 2 dogs are a lot happier and less stressed, they now look to me to lead instead of the other way around.

A much calmer house.

Kenny A. | Artarmon, New South Wales

17th March 2016 Bark busters rating

Sharon provided very clear and effective techniques to deal with a range of Xavier's issues. With Sharon's help, we already noticed that Xavier paid more attention and had more focus with instructions, but he still has a lot of work to do. Sharon provided encouragement and support throughout the entire session and all the techniques were practical. Sharon made us feel confident about approaching training even when we felt uncertain or didn't understand something.

Sarah H. | neutral bay, New South Wales

3rd March 2016 Bark busters rating

Sharon was an absolute life saver. Sharon helped me recognise and improve what role I was playing with Molly, my Cavoodle's anxiety. Once I learnt how to change the way I was responding, Molly's behaviour improved dramatically. Sharon was also extremely helpful with Molly's walking - Molly used to pull on the lead and run off like a race horse! The training techniques, as simple as they seemed, worked wonders and Molly and I both now enjoy our walks together.

Anthony N. | Edensor Park, New South Wales

1st October 2015 Bark busters rating

Very good training, I saw instant results with my Staffy's reactions to the methods and it has continued ever since. Thank you Bark Busters... :)

Margot D. | Naremburn, New South Wales

14th September 2015 Bark busters rating

I have been so impressed with Sharon and the methods used and support she has offered both Bailey, my Cocker Spaniel, and I. My poor boy was suffering from serious separation anxiety and I was not only worried about him, but the affect it was having on my neighbours. The attention we have received from Sharon has been fantastic. Her skills are exceptional, but more importantly she is just one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

Bre G. | Casula, Victoria

10th August 2015 Bark busters rating

From the first phone consult with Sharon I could tell she understood what I needed and that the Bark Busters methods would be very helpful. I want others to have this experience. My Staffies showed noticeable improvement with basic obedience and with jumping - incredible. I believe I learned several things in this one session that is going to improve mine and my Staffie's quality of life.

Tim G. | Turramurra, New South Wales

29th June 2015 Bark busters rating

The training Sharon provided was amazing we can not fault her. She was easy to understand, gave simple instructions and demonstrated each step as we went along. Sharon gave us confidence with dealing with our three dogs and the right tools for success. We have had so much success with our Beagles and Staffy since meeting Sharon, she has been a blessing!

Alexandra J. | Hoxton Park, New South Wales

28th February 2015 Bark busters rating

The Bark Busters methods, for not only Humphrey but all of us, have been phenomenal. We've learnt so many tricks and tips to keep Humphrey from misbehaving and being too cheeky beyond our control. His biting/nipping was definitely our biggest concern and after just one lesson the improvement was drastic. I would recommend Bark Busters to everyone. The life time support guarantee only adds to all the positives of this program.


Laura H. | Revesby, New South Wales

24th February 2015 Bark busters rating

Sharon was fantastic and so helpful with our dog Gomez. Having adopted Gomez from the RSPCA at age 2, we soon learnt that he had minimal to no training of any form and was suffering badly from separation anxiety.

Sharon helped with so many areas of difficulty we had with him and it was only a matter of a couple of weeks before we noticed the change in our dog, he is literally a brand new dog!

Lisa I. | Prestons

4th July 2014 Bark busters rating

Very happy with the service. Sharon worked well with both dogs and gave me some great tips.

Graham. C. | Panania

17th September 2013

We have a Jack Russell cross, very active. We needed this training, we have used a lot of treats in the past. Scott was patient with me and I found this a very new experience for me. Very easy to understand.

Leanne L. | Voyager Point

24th August 2013

Our barking machine was a different dog! Even though we can't monitor her all day, Pip's barking has decreased by 90% and is improving every day.

Karen M. | Voyager Point

12th August 2013

Sharon was very informative and easy to understand. Even after one day Honey has improved greatly, we were able to get some sleep!

Diane R. | Hoxton Park

2nd July 2013

Dakota seems to be a lot happier with me using the Bark Busters techniques! Very enjoyable for me and very interesting for Dakota .

Suzy C. | Narrabeen

8th April 2013

Scott was very helpful. My 8 year old Maltese now sits on command. Both dogs have now stopped barking at the various sounds made around the home.

Inez M. | Wentworthville

15th December 2012

Before Scott came today I had watched some programs about dog behaviour and knew what had to be done, but having Scott here (to correct me mainly) made me feel so much more confident and I know now with his support (which I will have for the rest of my boys lives) my boys will be happier and so will I! :) Yay!!!

Sonya L. | Wood Park

4th November 2012

We had used another dog trainer before and found they had too many rules and techniques that we needed to do. With Bark Busters we found the techniques to be simple and easy to follow. We also have peace of mind knowing if anything goes wrong we can call Scott to come help with the life time guarantee.

Angela P. |

30th March 2012

Our trainer Scott is a wonderful man, easy to talk to, down to earth, can ask him anything. He has been very helpful. We have seen improvements very quickly with the training.

Vanessa G. |

9th February 2012

What really impressed me was how quickly Scott changed our approach once he realized how sensitive Lottie actually is. Even though she gets really excited, she is quite 'soft' and the corrections don't need to be very strong/harsh to be effective for her.

Rhiana T. |

6th January 2012

Very glad I decided to use Bark Busters.

Liz & John P. |

14th October 2011

I found this training method worked extremely well and I would have no hesitation in recommending Bark Busters.

Jody K. |

5th January 2011

The trainer tried hard to help us with Freya. We had the problem that I was stressed and not sleeping (due to the barking) so

dealing with Freya was hard. My husband never woke to the barking and we also have a 17mth old child. Sharon worked around our

personal problems with trying to train and gave us solutions that took a lot of stress off me. It was so great not to have to

worry about Freya barking all night. Freya is doing well with the training.

Ruth W. |

10th December 2010

After experiencing positive results within 2-3 hours of intensive, commonsense strategies I was able to gain peace of mind in that

I would certainly attain effective results. Sharon's written instructions will be followed consistently as my companion is a special part of my life. Thank you Sharon!

Leanne W. |

27th November 2010

Sharon understood my devotion to my dogs. She was very helpful in showing and explaining what I need to do to train Missy. Very

impressed with our first lesson.

Katarina V. |

28th June 2010

I am totally blown away with how one word can be so powerful. Sharon and I had control over our new puppy within 1 minute. It

was amazing.

I am so glad I decided to do this and would definitely recommend anyone else to do the same!!!

Heather W. |

20th May 2010

Our son Joel (13 years old) participated in the training time and Sharon was very good at including him in the discussions. Sharon also taught Joel as well as myself and was very encouraging to both of us. A most enjoyable and great learning experience for all 3 of us. Bonnie- Dog, Joel and myself.

The "BAH" command even works on Joel. I gave him a fright when he misbehaved. A good laugh was had by all of us. :) All the printed notes left for us are great. I can reread and make sure I'm doing it right and Connie hasn't taken to training me again.